How widely used is your software?

Our products and services are used by thousands of users spanning the entire globe and we are the preferred provider of room diagram software solutions for many of the major hotel chains and meeting destinations worldwide.

Is the MeetingMatrix® software a standalone or network based application?

The MeetingMatrix software can be installed as a standalone application or a network application with multiple users accessing MeetingMatrix at a server (a dedicated server is not required). It can also be installed as a shared data application. Our Sales Team can help you decide what the right choice is for you.

I am on an older version of the MeetingMatrix software, should I upgrade?

At MeetingMatrix International, we are constantly evolving our products and services to meet industry demands. Because of this, it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of our software to ensure that you are taking advantage of everything our software has to offer and are keeping current with market trends.

How do I get updates or upgraded to the newest version of the MeetingMatrix software?

If you are a current customer with an up-to-date Annual Service or Maintenance Package, you can download the latest version of MeetingMatrix from the MeetingMatrix Customer Center. You will have to register or login to gain access to the download area of the Customer Center. You can also check for updates by going to the Help menu in the MeetingMatrix software or by calling our Customer Service Team at 603-610-1620.

Do you offer training on your products and services?

Yes. We offer on-site training as well as Webinar Training. There is a cost associated with on-site training, but as part of your Annual Service Package or Maintenance, you can take advantage of our weekly Webinar Training Courses for FREE!

Can I try the MeetingMatrix software for free?

Yes. You can request an evaluation copy of the version of the software you are interested in by clicking here.

What is the difference between a Room Diagram and a Setup Diagram?

A Room Diagram contains the physical dimensions and structural components of a room or area. Creating a room diagram is a task that is normally done only once unless the physical layout of the room is remodeled. After a room diagram is drawn, it becomes a template for Setup Diagrams.

A Setup Diagram contains the actual placement of items needed to set the meeting space for an event. To create a setup diagram you must have first created a room diagram or have MeetingMatrix Certified Room Diagrams®.

Can I email or share my MeetingMatrix Setup Files?

With the MeetingMatrix software, you have two options when it comes to sharing your Setup Diagrams. If the recipient has their own version of MeetingMatrix and you have Certified Room Diagrams, you can email them the MeetingMatrix Setup Diagram (MMS) file directly through MeetingMatrix. You can also save your Setup Diagram as an image file from within MeetingMatrix and send it to whomever you would like. Note: If you do not have MeetingMatrix Certified Room Diagrams, you can only email the setup as an image file.

Do Fire Marshals accept Certified Room Diagrams?

Many do. The National Fire Marshall Association is familiar with MeetingMatrix Certified Room Diagrams and knows that a MeetingMatrix Installation Manager has physically measured these spaces for accuracy.

What are the system requirements for the MeetingMatrix software?

The MeetingMatrix software works with virtually all the most common hardware and software configurations. The detailed system requirements information can be found in the Downloads section of the Customer Center.

How large are MeetingMatrix Setup Diagram (MMS) files?

The size of the MMS files and the image files associated with them vary depending on the complexity of the room or space, how detailed the setup is, and if there are any graphics/logos in the diagram. Most MMS files and their images, however, are between 10KB – 1MB