Online Training

Haven’t used MeetingMatrix software in a while? Are there new staff members who haven’t been trained at all? Sign up now for a complete MeetingMatrix®: 2010 Online training course!

MeetingMatrix®: 2010 Online Training is taught by a MeetingMatrix professional with years of experience with our products and in the hospitality industry. Using the GoToMeeting technology, you and your staff are able to watch and interact with our Implementation Managers as they take you through every feature of your software. When completed with the course, you will feel confident that you and your staff have been fully trained and that you are ready to make the most out of your investment in our software.

There’s more! …Included with your Annual Maintenance plan is access to unlimited MeetingMatrix Webinars for you and your staff. MeetingMatrix® Webinars are one hour courses that cover a wide range of our products and services. They are designed for you to learn about new products, refresh your memory on features of MeetingMatrix®: 2010 software, and to use as training for any new staff members.

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Onsite Training

Deciding to invest the MeetingMatrix®: 2010 software can be a big decision for you and your venue. Maximize your investment with MeetingMatrix®: 2010 Onsite Training!

Our onsite training class is taught by an experienced MeetingMatrix Implementation Manager at your venue on the days and times you choose. The class is spread over a two day period with a 4 hour session on each day and is all hands-on. Every trainee has their own computer with a version of MeetingMatrix installed that they will use to follow along with the Implementation Managers and create their own event setup! We can provide the training computers or use computers at your facility that are set up in a training environment. In either case, you and your staff will begin creating your first MeetingMatrix Setup Diagram™ in minutes!

  • Receive a month’s worth of product knowledge in 2 days!
  • Structured, hands-on training with training booklets provided
  • Our Implementation Managers have worldwide experience and the ability to easily adapt to your staff’s training needs and your venue’s environment
  • Our Implementation Managers are flexible and have worked with a variety of unique scheduling requests


All courses must be pre-registered at least 24 hours in advance to ensure eligibility. All times are listed in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. Registration must be completed to join Webinars. After registration, an E-mail will be sent to the address provided in your registration with a link to the Webinar. If the address provided is incorrect or cannot be accessed you will NOT receive an invitation to the Webinar session for that day.

Please ask that your IT professional who manages your E-mail server check to make sure is added to your contact list so you will receive emails and invites.

Did You Know?

The average meeting host spends $214,481 per meeting. An average 15% ($30,600) of that goes to support technology.

- Successful Meetings 2004 State of the Industry Report.

MeetingMatrix® Online Express

MeetingMatrix® Online Express for Meeting Planners

To view a pre-recorded webinar, please register here MM Express - registration

  • Registration & Installation
  • Venue Search Engine
  • Creating a Setup in a Room Diagram
  • Toolbar Reference
  • Sizing & Growing Concept
  • Box Selecting & Grouping
  • Alignment

MeetingMatrix® 2010 - 101

MM101 provides a complete overview of the basics of MeetingMatrix®. To view a pre-recorded webinar, please register here MM2010 - 101 registration.

  • Creating a Setup in a Room or Tent
  • .MMR & .MMS File Explanation
  • Data Explorer
  • Introduction to all Icons
  • Sizing Objects
  • Growing Tool

MeetingMatrix® 2010 - 102

MM102 is designed to teach the basic concepts of Growing, Boxing, and Grouping. These are three of the four fundamental concepts in MeetingMatrix®. We recommend if you are new to MeetingMatrix® that you take MM101 prior to this course

To view a pre-recorded webinar, please register here MM2010 - 102 registration.

  • Preferences
  • Box Selecting & Grouping
  • Growing Theater, Theater Chevron, Classroom, Classroom Chevron, Banquet Straight & Staggered Arrangements.
  • Growing Staging
  • Table Numbering

MeetingMatrix® 2010 - 103

The focus of MM103 is on mastering use of the alignment features in MeetingMatrix®. Using the Align feature takes out all of the guesswork of setup object placement and is a real time saver. You will also learn about the dimensioning tool and rotating. We recommend if you are new to MeetingMatrix® that you take MM101 & MM102 prior to this course.

To view a pre-recorded webinar, please register here MM2010 - 103 registration.

  • Top, Bottom, Left, Right reference points
  • Offset & Abut
  • Dimensioning
  • Rotating
  • Using Reference Lines

MeetingMatrix® 2010 - 104

The more advanced features of MeetingMatrix® are the focus of MM104, and are noted below. We recommend if you are new to MeetingMatrix® that you take MM101, MM102, & MM103 prior to this course.

To view a pre-recorded webinar, please register here MM2010 - 104 registration.

  • Colors
  • Patterns
  • Importing Bitmaps
  • Text & Title Blocks
  • Save Copy as
  • Save as Image
  • Inventory Report
  • Printing & Emailing as .MMS file or image
  • Strata™
  • Review of Properties Windows
  • Graphics (Send to back & Bring to front)

3D-VR™ Navigation & Preferences for MeetingMatrix® 2010

Learn how to navigate in our 3D-VR™ module. You will review how to set viewpoints and walkthrough points. You will also learn how to e-mail a model and capture views as different picture formats. In this course you will learn how to change your 3D-VR™ Preferences, to include how to change table cloth colors, set your tables & change various aspects of the 3D-VR™ models.

MM2010 - 3DVR Registration

  • Viewpoints, Walkthroughs
  • Changing Names of Viewpoints & Walkthroughs
  • Default Viewing Heights and Standing Heights
  • Capture of 3D-VR™ Views & E-mailing a Model
  • Using 3D-VR™ as a Marketing Tool
  • 3D-VR™ as an Operational Tool
  • Changing Colors
  • Changing Textures
  • Setting Tables

MeetingMatrix® 2010 Control Panel™, Picture It!...MeetingMatrix™ & Setup Library™

This training session will focus on the MeetingMatrix Control Panel™, Picture It!...MeetingMatrix™ and Setup Library™ modules. The MeetingMatrix Control Panel™ module covers areas to include how to set your default sizes and object spacing for your facility, as well as how to password protect the MeetingMatrix Control Panel™. This course is recommended for the MeetingMatrix® Key Operator. Setup Library™ offers 80 table configurations already drawn and ready to be dropped into your setup diagrams! You can also add your own arrangements, such as your favorite stage or head table configuration. Setup Library™ objects can be made using any MeetingMatrix® setup object. Use Picture It!…MeetingMatrix™ to add photographic images to setup diagrams.

  • Saving Pictures to MM Directory
  • Embedding Images into Diagrams
  • Changing Image Effects
  • Opening Setup Library™ and Importing to Diagram
  • Saving to Setup Library™
  • Editing Existing Setup Library™ Items and Tabs
  • Setting Default sizes & descriptions
  • Setting Default spacing
  • Adding & Deleting Resources
  • Locking the MeetingMatrix Control Panel™

Seating Wizard™ in MeetingMatrix® 2010

In this course you will learn how to use the Seating Wizard™ module. The Seating Wizard™ enables you to easily create an array of complex seating styles with a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Complete Review of the Seating Wizard™

Creating Simple Rooms Diagrams for Meeting Planners for MeetingMatrix® 2010

In this course you will learn how a Meeting Planner creates simple rooms diagrams. You will also gain a better understanding of the value of the MeetingMatrix Certified Room Diagrams™ software and room measuring services.

To view a pre-recorded webinar, please register here MM2010 - Creating Simple Rooms registration

  • Initial LxWxH measurements
  • Toolbar Tour
  • Saving and Editing
  • Adding & Removing Control Points
  • Pillars & Columns
  • Doors & Doorways
  • Polygons
  • Multilines
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